Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sometimes in life, things don't flow as easily as they should.  And others they do.  So as my header implies, things have been a bit blocked up lately.  I've been writing a lot lately, but most of it feels like crap.  I've been eating all that I should, all the good things in life, and again, it's been stuck, inside of me.  :(  So I've been slowly letting all the crap outta me.  I've been writing, even though it might very well be crap, and I've been eating, even though it very much will turn in to crap.  The only thing I can hope for is that it won't continue to 'blocking' me. 

So today, the pipes have been flowing much better and Kate has had a bigger smile on her face, even though she's had some 'accidents.' 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful day and constipation free!

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