Thursday, June 10, 2010


As I'm about to embark on a trip to Paris, I was thinking about travel.  What I like about travel, what I like to do when I travel, and where I like to go?  As I grow up, I find myself doing more reflecting on what makes me happy and what doesn't.  I've done lots of travel throughout my life and have realized that some of my trips I've been extremely happy and others, completely miserable.  So I'm pondering about how to make this trip to Paris (by myself mind you) a good one.  This is not easy for me.  Traveling alone.  I always want to share my travels with those I love.  So  I think my way of doing that will be by blogging, blogging and more blogging.  So all of you out there with me will be going to Paris too! 

Where are we going to go?  What are we going to eat?  What are we going to see?  Suggestions, please...

What are some things you that make you happy when you travel?  What are some things that ruin your holidays? 

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