Friday, June 4, 2010

songs iLike

So like I promised, here are my favorite songs as of late from the Seven cd set I received as a gift last week.  This was one of the best presents I have receive in a long, long time.  After living in Alaska and now here in Nigeria, I can tell you I am out of the music loop.  I am person who was never for over fifteen years out of the music loop.  I prided myself on knowing the latest and greatest in pop, r&b, rock, reggae, reggaeton, dancehall, folk, and Brit Pop for many, many years.  Now, I don't even know the latest Nigerian stuff.  I am starting to get a bit better, but I am ashamed.  I have fallen by the wayside.  So this is my attempt at coming out from under the rock that I call 'my life' that I've been living under for the past few years.  

So here's my list, in no particular order:

  1. "if we ever meet again" by timbaland
  2. "sweetest girl" by wyclef jean
  3. "boom boom pow" by the black eyed peas
  4. "with you" by chris brown
  5. "teaser" by MI
  6. "never knew i needed you" by ne-yo
  7. "morning after dark" by timbaland
  8. "shorty" by akon
  9. "sexy bitch" by david guetta
  10. "when love takes over" by david guetta
  11. "fast car" by wyclef jean
  12. "love in this club" by rihanna
  13. "pokerface" by lady gaga
  14. "bad romance" by lady gaga
  15. "love game" by lady gaga
  16. "eh eh" by lady gaga
  17. "welcome to the future" on the total dance 2008 cd
  18. "here with me" by AtB
  19. "meet me halfway" by the Black Eyed Peas
  20. "If we ever meet again" by Timbaland
  21. "Miss you" by Blink 182
  22. "Undertow" by Timbaland featuring the Fray
  23. "wahtchu say" by Jason Derulo
  24. "where'd you go" by fort minor
  25. "stronger" by Kanye West
  26. "Style na style" (remix) by Dare Art Alade
  27. "teaser" by MI
  28. "kiss your hand" by R2bees featuring Wande Coal
  29. "close to you" by D'banj
  30. "party hard" by Donaeo
  31. "I Love You" by P Square
Like I said, this is in no particular order.  There are some I really enjoy that aren't on this list.  But this is quite the list already I think.  

Thank you again.  You are too kind.  XO.

e-mail me your favorite songs as of late.  I'll try and get my hands on it.  

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