Monday, June 28, 2010

Paris: Day Three

I got a late start this day.  I woke up, got ready, and then headed to the Louvre, but much like David Sedaris, a man, I would call one of my many mentors, I wasn't headed to see the artwork.  I was headed to the Apple Store which is directly opposite of the entrance.  I went in was taken aback.  It's been almost a year since I entered into a proper Apple Store.  Wow!  I love the feeling and the rush as you enter.  They had iPads everywhere!  I played around on a few for about an hour and then decided to head out to find meself some Starbucks. 

On my way out, I saw a lady holding a cup!  I was like omg.  "Excuse moi, Madame, where did you get your starbucks?"  I realized later that, my statement was a mix of the new Kate.  A little bit Minnesota and a little bit Naija.  Anyway, she responded in a Midwestern accent and gave me directions.  I was so surprised and elated.  However, I didn't understand the directions fully and got lost, kinda.  It took me about an hour to actually find Starbucks.  I was still so thrilled.  I enjoyed my one and only cup I had the entire time I was in Paris.  Next trip, more coffee will be had. 

Anyway, this was my Saturday in Paris.  I later went to the grocery store next door, MonoPrix to get drinks and other provisions for my night in. 

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