Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day two in Paris

Day two in Paris was very busy. I was poked and prodded all over by my doc early in the morning. She gave me the works. Following this I checked outta the hotel I was staying in and waiting to Check in to my other, much cheaper hotel.I was at the Ramada Eiffel Tower and moved to the Saphir Hotel on Rue de Commerce, just around the corner instead. This charming hotel was only 70 euros a night. Great room.

So I killed time by wandering through the champs de mars, down to the Eiffel tower, the river seine, and just feeling Paris out. During this walk I breathed in the cool Paris air, enjoyed the lush greenery, saw adorable dogs running off leash and no one freaked (loved this)and I even swung on a swing near the Eiffel tower. I even browsed the web at the Eiffel tower, so fantastic. But I got tuckered out by the time two o'clock came around and headed back to the hotel.I got lost but found my way by finding the audi dealership (this would become a norm for me, using boutique car dealerships as a point of direction)and got to the Ramada and moved. My room at the Saphir was so me. Filled with sunshine in all possible ways. My blanket was all the colors of the sun, the windows opened as all French windows should and let the sunshine flow through, followed by my window flower boxes filled with beautiful begonias! I chilled after this.

In the evening I went to see "Sex and the City 2" and got lost coming back but again found my way by finding the Audi dealership! A crazy Frenchman followed me most of the way home, but eventually I lost him.

The film made me lmao the way Norm, my does in the theatre.  I found many parts of it absolutely hilarious, others utterly racist/anti-semitic, and other parts I knew the French folks would not understand at all.  But I felt like they characters did not grow or evolve at all since the last film, which I was extremely happy with.  The theatre I was in was nice, I had a delicious Haagen Dazs treat that they don't have in the US, and they sell snacks during the film inside the theatre which I found interesting. However, like Egypt it would be nice to do an intermission.

I ended the night picking up dinner at one of the many lovely Chinese takeaways. It was super cheap and super delicious, yum! I miss them already.

Pics to be posted later. Btw, this post is belated and sent from the lovely and delightful iPad!

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