Wednesday, June 30, 2010

creating and shaping your life

No matter how hard I've tried in planning my life out, it never turns out quite how I plan or I imagine.  Never.  Now when life throws me a curve ball, I roll with it, I bend, I go with the flow.  However, I am wondering if I should begin re-thinking this plan.  Shall I begin to plan better?  Be more preventative to make sure things are going to go as I plan them, or maybe if I do that, I am tempting my fate?

What do you think?  What's your strategy on life?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Paris: Day Three

I got a late start this day.  I woke up, got ready, and then headed to the Louvre, but much like David Sedaris, a man, I would call one of my many mentors, I wasn't headed to see the artwork.  I was headed to the Apple Store which is directly opposite of the entrance.  I went in was taken aback.  It's been almost a year since I entered into a proper Apple Store.  Wow!  I love the feeling and the rush as you enter.  They had iPads everywhere!  I played around on a few for about an hour and then decided to head out to find meself some Starbucks. 

On my way out, I saw a lady holding a cup!  I was like omg.  "Excuse moi, Madame, where did you get your starbucks?"  I realized later that, my statement was a mix of the new Kate.  A little bit Minnesota and a little bit Naija.  Anyway, she responded in a Midwestern accent and gave me directions.  I was so surprised and elated.  However, I didn't understand the directions fully and got lost, kinda.  It took me about an hour to actually find Starbucks.  I was still so thrilled.  I enjoyed my one and only cup I had the entire time I was in Paris.  Next trip, more coffee will be had. 

Anyway, this was my Saturday in Paris.  I later went to the grocery store next door, MonoPrix to get drinks and other provisions for my night in. 

I finally read a book!

So I have longing to read this book for ages.  Ever since I read the first in the quartet.  The book is "Bed of Roses" by Nora Roberts and it was romantic and held me so enamored from the start.  This book reminded me of why I love to read so much.  Hopefully, it'll give me the kick I need to read more and *write* more!  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good romantic read out there.  I'll pass it your way if you holler!  XXX.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day two in Paris

Day two in Paris was very busy. I was poked and prodded all over by my doc early in the morning. She gave me the works. Following this I checked outta the hotel I was staying in and waiting to Check in to my other, much cheaper hotel.I was at the Ramada Eiffel Tower and moved to the Saphir Hotel on Rue de Commerce, just around the corner instead. This charming hotel was only 70 euros a night. Great room.

So I killed time by wandering through the champs de mars, down to the Eiffel tower, the river seine, and just feeling Paris out. During this walk I breathed in the cool Paris air, enjoyed the lush greenery, saw adorable dogs running off leash and no one freaked (loved this)and I even swung on a swing near the Eiffel tower. I even browsed the web at the Eiffel tower, so fantastic. But I got tuckered out by the time two o'clock came around and headed back to the hotel.I got lost but found my way by finding the audi dealership (this would become a norm for me, using boutique car dealerships as a point of direction)and got to the Ramada and moved. My room at the Saphir was so me. Filled with sunshine in all possible ways. My blanket was all the colors of the sun, the windows opened as all French windows should and let the sunshine flow through, followed by my window flower boxes filled with beautiful begonias! I chilled after this.

In the evening I went to see "Sex and the City 2" and got lost coming back but again found my way by finding the Audi dealership! A crazy Frenchman followed me most of the way home, but eventually I lost him.

The film made me lmao the way Norm, my does in the theatre.  I found many parts of it absolutely hilarious, others utterly racist/anti-semitic, and other parts I knew the French folks would not understand at all.  But I felt like they characters did not grow or evolve at all since the last film, which I was extremely happy with.  The theatre I was in was nice, I had a delicious Haagen Dazs treat that they don't have in the US, and they sell snacks during the film inside the theatre which I found interesting. However, like Egypt it would be nice to do an intermission.

I ended the night picking up dinner at one of the many lovely Chinese takeaways. It was super cheap and super delicious, yum! I miss them already.

Pics to be posted later. Btw, this post is belated and sent from the lovely and delightful iPad!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pictures from Day One in Paris

The first picture is of me sitting in my window at the Ramada.  You can see the top of the Eiffel tower, yes!

This Nigerian in Paris

So I am in Paris.  This Nigerian is in Paris.  I know that sounds ridiculous, calling myself or considering myself a Nigerian but please listen to my reasons. 

1.  I have not been to the US for over year. 
2.  When I plug my laptop/phone/camera battery into the wall I still freak out because I don't have a stabilizer. 
3.  I am wearing a fleece and coat in 70+degree Fahrenheit weather.
4.  I look at everything with amazement, wonder and awe. 
5.  I keep wondering when the power is gonna go out. 
6.  I downloaded my usual seven podcasts in less than a minute, something that can take up to SEVEN hours in Yola. And looked at my computer screen as if there was something seriously wrong happening.  I clicked play on "savage love" immediately because I thought it must be a mistake! 

This list could go on and on. 

It's also a play on my blog title, my favorite radioshow "This American Life" and one of their episodes that is one of my top ten faves "Americans in Paris."  I am both an American in Paris and a Nigerian in Paris.  Now, the Nigerians out their, if this offends you, please, I am sorry, but meet me and you just might gladly accept me giving myself the title of Nigerian. 

So, I must say, leaving Nigeria was quite pleasant.  I had a lovely time in the Lagos airport and the trip from one to the other.  I know everyone dreads the Lagos airport, but I much rather liked it.  It was clean.  There was soap, towels, cleanliness, good customer service (Airfrance), customs was great and immigration, and the treatment was great everywhere I went.  I kept getting referred to as "sexy" instead of Bature/Baturiya/Oyinbo.  I'll take 'sexy' over white anyday.  Seriously, what's so bad about this airport peeps?  Anyway, I think I'd seriously, given the chance, live in Lagos for a short while.  The only complaint I have is they allow smoking in too many places and no where to plug in laptops/cell phones.  By the way, Lagos has a 4g network!!!

The flight was good coming into Paris.  I landed at 5:30 am.  This was my immigration experience.  I handed my passport to immigration.  I said "Good Morning." They looked at me.  Stamped my passport.  Handed it back to me.  No words said.  I walk into Paris.  Seriously.  I was dumbfounded.  After deciding I couldn't figure out the trains at 6:30am in a foreign country I lugged all my kaya (stuff) to the taxi stand.  90 minutes later (rush hour work traffic) I was in the heart of Paris.  The hotel I hoped to stay at was booked solid.  My wonderful cabbie allowed me to use his crackberry to try and call others.  We drove round till I found something.  I ended up at the Ramada for two reasons.  One, they had a room and two, they were willilng to make change for me.  David Sedaris said in "Americans in Paris" I think or maybe it was in "Me talk pretty one day" not sure, but he said that the French refuse to make change.  This is so true.  I've experienced this sooooo much since I've been here.  Since my credit card is still not working, this sucks something terrible!  :(  My room was great.  I slept for a few hours and woke up and wandered in search of food and a sim card for my mobile phone.  I ate at McDonald's.  It was wonderful.  But man, I was jetlagged.  Look at my face in the pics!

I took it easy on day one in Paris. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank god it's...

Since I have no 'proper' job at this time, the days kinda blend together.  I know it's Friday and I'm excited for it.  However, it doesn't feel like Friday too me.  I know it's Friday because we have swimming practice, it's also Pizza Night at the Club, and it's Juma'a.  But to me it doesn't feel any different than yesterday... 

Things are changing around here.  In a short while everyone will disappear and some people will reappear as Summer Session one comes to a close.  It's going to get really quiet in Yola.  I never thought this would be the case, but I will still be here.  Still holding down the fort in Yola.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Last year, I dreaded the peace and quiet and this summer I will gorge myself in it. 

I'm a planner, but yet, life never goes according to my plan, it takes on a life of it's own.  Lol, my life has a life of it's own.  But I am happy with the way things are turning out and moving forward. 

So for those of you who Friday is the end of your work week, enjoy it!  Relish in it's glory!  For those of you like me, well, it's another day, and that's always a blessing!

Happy Friday everyone! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010


As I'm about to embark on a trip to Paris, I was thinking about travel.  What I like about travel, what I like to do when I travel, and where I like to go?  As I grow up, I find myself doing more reflecting on what makes me happy and what doesn't.  I've done lots of travel throughout my life and have realized that some of my trips I've been extremely happy and others, completely miserable.  So I'm pondering about how to make this trip to Paris (by myself mind you) a good one.  This is not easy for me.  Traveling alone.  I always want to share my travels with those I love.  So  I think my way of doing that will be by blogging, blogging and more blogging.  So all of you out there with me will be going to Paris too! 

Where are we going to go?  What are we going to eat?  What are we going to see?  Suggestions, please...

What are some things you that make you happy when you travel?  What are some things that ruin your holidays? 

Friday, June 4, 2010

songs iLike

So like I promised, here are my favorite songs as of late from the Seven cd set I received as a gift last week.  This was one of the best presents I have receive in a long, long time.  After living in Alaska and now here in Nigeria, I can tell you I am out of the music loop.  I am person who was never for over fifteen years out of the music loop.  I prided myself on knowing the latest and greatest in pop, r&b, rock, reggae, reggaeton, dancehall, folk, and Brit Pop for many, many years.  Now, I don't even know the latest Nigerian stuff.  I am starting to get a bit better, but I am ashamed.  I have fallen by the wayside.  So this is my attempt at coming out from under the rock that I call 'my life' that I've been living under for the past few years.  

So here's my list, in no particular order:

  1. "if we ever meet again" by timbaland
  2. "sweetest girl" by wyclef jean
  3. "boom boom pow" by the black eyed peas
  4. "with you" by chris brown
  5. "teaser" by MI
  6. "never knew i needed you" by ne-yo
  7. "morning after dark" by timbaland
  8. "shorty" by akon
  9. "sexy bitch" by david guetta
  10. "when love takes over" by david guetta
  11. "fast car" by wyclef jean
  12. "love in this club" by rihanna
  13. "pokerface" by lady gaga
  14. "bad romance" by lady gaga
  15. "love game" by lady gaga
  16. "eh eh" by lady gaga
  17. "welcome to the future" on the total dance 2008 cd
  18. "here with me" by AtB
  19. "meet me halfway" by the Black Eyed Peas
  20. "If we ever meet again" by Timbaland
  21. "Miss you" by Blink 182
  22. "Undertow" by Timbaland featuring the Fray
  23. "wahtchu say" by Jason Derulo
  24. "where'd you go" by fort minor
  25. "stronger" by Kanye West
  26. "Style na style" (remix) by Dare Art Alade
  27. "teaser" by MI
  28. "kiss your hand" by R2bees featuring Wande Coal
  29. "close to you" by D'banj
  30. "party hard" by Donaeo
  31. "I Love You" by P Square
Like I said, this is in no particular order.  There are some I really enjoy that aren't on this list.  But this is quite the list already I think.  

Thank you again.  You are too kind.  XO.

e-mail me your favorite songs as of late.  I'll try and get my hands on it.  

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

music saves my soul

This picture says it all.  Music does save my soul.  If I could make music for a living, that's what I would do but I can't.  I am no musician :(  But I do listen and enjoy as often as I can.

Recently, I was given the gift of seven new mixed cd's.  I am relishing them.  Listening to them from cover-to-cover as one would read a book.  They are my latest cherished gift.

Later this week I will be putting my top ten favorites from the cd's on here.  What's on your latest playlist?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm sick in Yola.  This is no fun.  Today I will make chicken soup for myself.  I hope this will help.  Argh, being sick sucks!  :(