Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the new and improved me.

So this picture was taken of me last month in Kaduna.  At first I hate the picture of me because I am making a scrunching of a nose face, a face that I often make when I'm laughing and joking, but then I thought about it and realized, that this is who I am.  This picture is me.  People see me looking like this.  They also see me with smiles and sad faces too.  So I thought, ok, this is me.  I am going to post me. 

However, as my post title says, this is the new and improved me.  There have been many improvements made in my life recently.  I am happy.  So utterly happy that I should probably feel ashamed, but I don't.  I am just happy.  I argue less, I debate less (two very different things in my book), I smile more, I eat less, I swim more, I even talk less and these are all great things.  I've lost some weight, another good thing. 

I have been writing, but not here.  But I plan on writing here more.  I plan on doing a lot of things more.

There's one thing that is not on the up and up and that's my health.  I am constantly fatigued, getting injured extremely easily, constantly tired and exhausted...  These are not so good.

Life has kept me busy.  But more on that later. 

For now enjoy my nose scrunching smile!  Cheers!

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