Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My life has been changing so much lately.  However, in my humble opinion, for the better.  Much better.  I am happy.  I am writing.  Not here, mind you, but I am writing.  I am smiling.  I am loving life and more.  I am healthier.  Things are happening.  Things are changing.  Maybe at some point down the line I'll be more specific, but not today. 

Things are happening here in Yola.  Graduation is coming soon, summer session one is about to begin, Spring Semester is about to end, Margee the new President came for a visit, stuff is happening here.  I am hopefully for the future. 

The summer is approaching and I think this will be a telling one. 



  1. why didn't the interim President just take the job? was she not effective?

  2. Lol. Well, she was not offered the job. She is the VP of Finance and Administration. So currently she is doing two roles.