Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Naija Family

So I've been more than a lil off the radar recently.  I officially resigned from the Charter School.  I am now working as a freelancer again.  I've got a lot of writing in the works, still doing tree research and planning, still doing radio stuff and now I've got the swim team things that are in the works as well.  Above is a picture of my Naija family, well, minus the guy on the way left (Vitus, their trainer).  These are my boys and my family.

Five outta Seven days these bros have practice and I'm right there with them.  Starting on your right, we've got Tj, in the middle we have Arthur, and on the left in the red is Tony.  I'm introducing them to ya'll in the states who might be wondering where've I've done gone!  We've had poker nights, dinner parties, birthday parties, Risk Nights, a road trip and more.  So ladies and gents in the states, this is the reason I haven't been on the phone so much, writing as many letters, and on here.  But have no fear, it's all for a good cause.  What is that you might ask?  These boys have brought me happiness and friendship.  Two things I have been longing for in Yola for oh, so long.

Last week, we traveled to Kaduna for the Nationals in swimming.  They swam against the best in Nigeria and held strong and their own.  I am so proud.

So I am back and in attack.  You'll be seeing me around more, I promise.


  1. We may be coming to Yola to work at American University....any advice?
    We have 2 young children.

  2. I have loads of advice, but please e-mail me. This is not the appropriate forum.