Wednesday, April 28, 2010

yola fever

There comes a time, maybe each year, maybe each season, where this happens to each and everyone one of us here.  Well, locals maybe not so much, but expats and non Yola natives alike, most likely.  It's hot, unbearably hot.  Hotter than anywhere else on earth it feels like.  Hotter than Death Valley, California and there's humidity to add to it.  Prof Charles tells me to 'grin and bear it' and that I've already done this once before.  And it's so true, I have.  I have done the hot season before and the hot and humid season, but I guess it's not so much Yola, it's more AUN.  I am feeling smothered and suffocated and I must get out before I lose it.  It started as yolaitis and now it's yola fever.  If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the heat

      The picture above is from the recent Kaduna trip.  I am posting it because I am rarely featured in my own blog.  From the left is me, TJ and then Arthur.  We had a fantastic time on this trip even though we had a lot of problems.  Wahalla, wahalla, wahalla.  But I will give you that story another day.  This photo was taken at the French Cafe, the restaurant we ate at everyday while we were there.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the Cream of Chicken soup as we ate it everyday.  I had the kebbi, Chicken tawouk, and the chicken fajitas.  All were tasty.
      Life in Yola has been miserably hot.  It's so much hotter this year than last.  Presently at this moment it's 119 Fahrenheit.  The heat is just blasting on us and the AC's around campus are continuously busting down.  It's getting more than a little out of control.  I am looking forward to my dip in the pool in a little while.  It is so hot, I think they should cancel classes because I certainly cannot think, I do not know how they do, meaning the students or the Professor.  I can barely write.  All I can do is sleep and watch some telly on my laptop.
      Anyway, this was my miserable attempt at a post in the heat.  I will keep on trying.

Cheers, ya'll and stay outta this heat!  It will kill you.  For all my Minnesotans out there, I'm certainly getting a tan though, finally!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Naija Family

So I've been more than a lil off the radar recently.  I officially resigned from the Charter School.  I am now working as a freelancer again.  I've got a lot of writing in the works, still doing tree research and planning, still doing radio stuff and now I've got the swim team things that are in the works as well.  Above is a picture of my Naija family, well, minus the guy on the way left (Vitus, their trainer).  These are my boys and my family.

Five outta Seven days these bros have practice and I'm right there with them.  Starting on your right, we've got Tj, in the middle we have Arthur, and on the left in the red is Tony.  I'm introducing them to ya'll in the states who might be wondering where've I've done gone!  We've had poker nights, dinner parties, birthday parties, Risk Nights, a road trip and more.  So ladies and gents in the states, this is the reason I haven't been on the phone so much, writing as many letters, and on here.  But have no fear, it's all for a good cause.  What is that you might ask?  These boys have brought me happiness and friendship.  Two things I have been longing for in Yola for oh, so long.

Last week, we traveled to Kaduna for the Nationals in swimming.  They swam against the best in Nigeria and held strong and their own.  I am so proud.

So I am back and in attack.  You'll be seeing me around more, I promise.