Monday, March 1, 2010

Yola Shawarma Review

This is my Yola Shawarma Review.  It will be updated as we try more Shawarma places.
Disclaimer:  I came up with idea from the Abuja expats Yahoo Group.  Someone reviewed all of the Shawarma places in Abuja.  I am doing the same for Yola and Jimeta.

What is a Shawarma?  Shawarma is a sandwich made of flatbread, mayo, meat, and spices.  Some places add more fixings than others, more spices than others, and some have a different type of flat bread.  When the internet is better and the camera is fixed I will add a photo.  

Below are what we've experienced so far:

In order of Favoritism:

1.  Uptown Shawarma:  Chicken Shawarma is spicy and good.  They have the cheapest Shawarma at N400 each for chicken, N350 for Beef (I think).  Location:  opposite Tasty Menu in Jimeta

2.  Downtown Restaurant:  Chicken Shawarma has a garlicy sauce that they add to it.  This is my favorite for flavor, but it's 100 Naira more than Uptown. N500 for chicken and N400 for beef.  Location:  Jimeta, near police roundabout and the magazine stand

3.  Honey Pet Shawarma:  Very similar to Uptown.  Location:  Next to Luka in Jimeta

4.  Top Ten Restaurant:  Has the best flat bread for the Shawarma, they add cabbage, tomatoes and barbecue sauce.  Plus is more expensive.  I prefer the Shawarma without all the fixings...  Location:  Yola on Lamido Zubairu Way, near Almashkur Foundation and Ahmadu Ribadu College (cross street, Lamido Lauwal Way). 

5.  Tasty Menu:  the Prof reviewed this place himself and has found all the others to be better.  So maybe someday I will review myself.  Location:  Jimeta, near Federal Secretariat

Tell me your thoughts.  Please paste a comment if you disagree with me below.  Do you know of other places that serve Shawarma in Yola or Jimeta?  Let me know and we'll review those as well.
e-mail me your thoughts here if you don't want to comment.

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