Monday, March 1, 2010


Lately, I've been seeking wisdom from many people.  Wisdom about all sorts of things.  Things like relationships, family, education, careers, work, friendship, exercise, you name it, I've been seeking some wisdom about it.  I've sought out wisdom from friends, new and old, family, my boss, people who are much older and wiser, people that are younger and wiser, and even some people I never thought would be able to help me see more clearly.  The two gentlemen in the picture above are some who give some of the best advice. 

On the left you have the former AUN President, Dr. Conrad Festa.  He's a great wisdom giver for many reasons.  One, he's lived many years and had very influential positions because he's a thinker and can clearly make decisions.  He's not a President who ruled with an iron fist, but more with his head and heart.  He always treats me more like his daughter than as a colleague.  Which is nice to feel as if someone cares.  His opinion means a lot to me and is often taken with great attention to thought and I often take it to heart.

On the right, is my father-in-law, who also happens to be my boss of sorts.  He and I are very similar, sometimes so much that we butt heads.  However, recently he's given me some great advice that I've followed through on. 

This photo was taken at the Nigerian Private University Games in December 2009.  This was a great memory of the year for me.  I met and had the opportunity to get a few students better, see both students and faculty alike cheer and have pride for their University.  It was a great week for me, following it the Prof and I headed off to Egypt for a month.  I never really got the opportunity to talk about that crazy week of the games, but someday soon I will. 

So I've been seeking wisdom from here and there.  I've taking it all in, gathering it, sorting it out and moving forward very slowly.  Life has been hard for me in the past month, but I am really hoping to have a good March. 

So I'm marching into Spring now and have a busy month ahead of me.  It's mine and the Prof's anniversary, the birthday of my mom who's deceased, Steph's departure will be here before we know it, the end of the third quarter for school, Easter, and this weekend, the Great Hut Party.  So the wisdom that I am taking with me today is a mixture of a few rapper's song lyrics, I'm going to keep my head up and keep on smiling.

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