Monday, March 1, 2010

Mountains and Harmattan

This is a photo of the Mandara Mountains from the AUN campus.  I just want to remind you of all the good things we have here.  When there's no harmattan, we have fresh air, we have sunshine, we have mountains, rivers and land...

This is a shot outside of Dorm DD, where I work.  This day there was such a harmattan haze that I was able to get the iska itself in the picture.  iska is the word for harmattan dust in both Hausa and Yoruba.  Ya learned something new today, didn't you?  I like these cranes that always seem to be hanging around. 

Just giving you a glimpse into my small world here in Yola.  When I look at these I begin to appreciate all the beauty I have around me and the talent I have inside.  I forget that I am a good photographer and that school was not a waste.  lol.

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