Friday, February 5, 2010

So what?

      The photo above is of Steph who is visiting and the horsie boys both Mikailu and Nura (M on the left and N on the right in the red).  This is from Monday when we went riding around campus. 

       It has been an eventful few days as usual around here.  Never dull moment in Yola for Katya, that's for sure.  Currently, I am sitting in class while B writes to Al Gore and I write to you and we listen to Miles.  So anyway, like I was saying it has been an eventful week.  Just this morning for example, I had to lecture Labaran about life's decisions and go tell his future fiancee that she won't be Mrs. Labaran Habu.  It's been less than a month after he got rid of his crazy kinda sorta ex-wife that thought I wanted to kill her and he found a new one to marry and wanted me to decide whether or not he should.  Well, if he's leaving it to me I say no.  Hell No in fact.  First off, he needs to spend time with his FOUR kids instead, which he isn't doing, instead is spending time with Ms. Clingy Crazy Ass Mata.  Secondly, he's tired all day everyday because he's doing god knows what all night long with Ms. Mata.  Thirdly, he's choosing to hang out with Ms. Mata instead of picking up his kids at school, which would help the bond that is slowly breaking, but nope, he goes the to the ugly cleaner who has bad taste in weaves instead.  So in the end, I told her no, he would not be marrying her.  Someone has to make sane decisions around here.  He showed me her text messages that she has been sending him.  An example, seriously, from the first day they met "I love you so much.  You are in my heart."    Seriously.  As Steph said she's a pyscho clinger. 

      Moving on, work is okay on one front, another front, sucky sucky poop.  The good side is that my students and are having a good time together.  I think I'm doing some real good teaching these days, I'm enjoying the material and they are too.  On the bad side I'm having issues with my cohorts.   Main probable is I am treated as if I am invisible and that I'm worthless.  Yep, it totally sucks.  I'm doing some of the best teaching of my life and I'm treated as if I'm doing a bad job or even worse, not even here at all. 

       Next week we are headed to Yankari.  It's Labaran's Birthday and the Prof is headed to the good Old US of A.  It shall be another busy weekend as usual.  Hopefully finishing off RISK tonight.  Yep, we still have not finished it.  Pathetic, I know.  Tonight's also pizza night at the club.  We've all become addicts of Uptown Shawarma at our house.  Cooked up a storm last night and will post pics later.


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