Thursday, February 18, 2010


These are pictures of trees in Yankari that I loved.  I am not sure what kind they are, but considering I am doing some research on trees here, I will figure it out and then post it. 

So I am at work blogging, which is not unusual.  I often blog here during my free time.  Which I rarely have much of at work, but I try and make time.  Anyway, I am taking an easy day.  For social studies I am teaching about Southeast Asia and Angkor Wat and the Incan Religion and Macchu Pichu.  So I have a video from National Geographic on each, so I am taking a break today.  So while they watch I will be prepping for their lectures on it tomorrow!  So I am taking the easy road, but I need to because I have to run errands for the Prof and his Dean for some other Profs so they can get laptops from the US.  Ok, so I ran the errands and nothing really was resolved and I realized in the middle of trying to sort it all out, that I was unnecessary in the entire equation.  I was totally not needed.  The only reason I am needed is to follow up and through on matters and keep people on task to get the job done.  But in the end that is not my job anyway.  I often take it on, but it often stresses me out, forces me to get angry and people and makes me miserable.  So I am not going to do that when I notice I am, anymore.  I met with Hassan and he seems to care and will take care of the hubby Prof's hotel and so at least I can check that off the list.  My students are watching their video about "Macchu Pichu" as I should be working on their lecture's for tomorrow, but no, I am checking my mail, wandering through my amazon cart to find out 'where my stuff is' and chatting to Prof Charles in person.  Yep, I'm a bad employee today. 

So this week is looking up.  The Prof will be back before we know it, tomorrow is Friday and Pizza night.  Saturday is the weekend.  So this weekend I hope to do what I hope to do everyweekend and that is prep, read, relax and cook.  What I normally get done on a weekend is cook, shop, dance, eat, visit many people, but never relax, read, or prep, almost ever!!!  I am so bad.  Oh, well.  Life will go on even if I don't relax, read or prep on my weekends. 

So enjoy the trees, although I am not sure what kind they are.  The power is going downhill at Abti House again.  Ho-Hum.  Gone are the good days filled with 20 plus hours of NEPA, and now we are back to the days with the gen and gen breaks.  C'est la vie.


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