Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new technology, new day

So today went significantly better than yesterday.  Today technology was on my side.  I am attached to this new little orange ipod nano I got that the hubby brought back from the states for me.  It has a pedometer on it and it's fun.  So I've been tracking myself on it and it has all sorts of goals like climb everest or climb the stairs of the Empire State Building.  So I wear it all day long around school and watch my steps as I go to the bathroom for the sixth time.  Plus, I get to jam to my tunes and listen to my podcasts. 

This week's song list is:

1.  "little lion man" by Mumford and Sons--The Current Song of the Day by Minnesota Public Radio
2.  "heart of steel" by Galactic featuring Irma Thompson--The Current Song of the Day by Minnesota Public Radio
3.  "the only one" Kevin Devine--The Current Song of the Day by Minnesota Public Radio
4.  "up" by Miracle/Man--NPR Second Stage Podcast
5.  "4 chords of the apocalypse" by Julian Casablancas--KCRW's Today's Top Tune Podcast

All of these songs are free on iTunes and it's great because all my credit cards are Nigerian so they don't work on iTunes, which is probably a very good thing because I'd be spending too much money on music that I don't have time to listen too!  Anyway, so those are my jams of the week. 

Also, I got a cheap fix for the volume problem with the projector/laptop/dvd problem.  I bought a headphone to headphone cord and it works!!!  So today was a good technology day.  Also, two other good things happened too.  One, Yakubu had my Pantene Conditioner!  Two, Yakubu had Lucky Charms!  Yep, you read that right.  Lucky Charms, the real ones, in the land of Naija.  It made my day.  Anyway, so now I am writing up tomorrow's lecture and creating my slideshow on Chinese New Year for Grade 8 and 9 Social Studies, well I should be, I took a break to write this and to listen to the Gourd's version of "Gin and Juice."   Tomorrow Grade 7 has an exam that I wrote earlier today, yep getting a bit ahead.  Grade 7 begins the Hobbit and Grades 8 and 9 will continue watching the 195 minute long Anne Frank film that they are loving!  This week Ms. Kate rocks, I must say.  I am looking forward to having Friday off.  However, I'm not totally ahead because I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to have an x-ray and some blood work done.  Errrr.   I keep coughing all day long, dry cough with phlegm, ick.  It's been going on since seriously and shamefully mid-December!  I know, I know.  Living here it's so easy to pretent like you are fine when you are not since we don't have access, which is lie too, because I have two great friends who can take care of most of our needs.  Dr. Sumit Kar is a public health doc and his wifey extraordinaire Dr. Tulika Kar is an amazing opthalmalogist.  So eyes and innards are taken care of.  Anyway, so Sumit said I need bloodwork and an x-ray so he can properly diagnose me.  I'm also having serious issues with number two.  Mostly I can't.  I've tried bananas, water, hot drinks, many laxatives, and still to no avail, little or no success.  He's thinking, this is shameful and scary, seriously, like my nightmare, worms.  Yes, worms.  You read that right.  You are freaking, I know.  Cuz I was and am too.  Since I've been having the two problems for some time now I am thinking he's right.  Scary.  So tomorrow I'm going to head to the clinic mid-day to take care of my medical issues. 

I'm not hooked up to electricity right now because I am enjoying the no cord-ness that's new to my life since I finally got a new battery for this SIX year old mac that is still ticking.  Man, that puts my relationship in perspective!  Seriously.  We got this when we were living in MPLS and going to the U of MN.  Anyway, it's still ticking as I said and I had the Prof buy me a new battery because the old one was lasting only 30 seconds, literally.  Also, I bought a spare power cord just in case as well.  They burn out easily here.  The voltage isn't the same and the mac cords seem to have more problems.  I have burned through like six in the last year which totally sucks. 

I started reading the latest Rebecca Walker book yesterday.  One big happy family edited by Rebecca Walker.  I read her intro story and I read Dan Savage's as well.  I enjoyed both immensely.  This book is not what I expected it would be about, but totally is hitting the spot.  I am obsessed with the idea of family, what is it, what I want it to be, what I want from it, and how I never seem to get what I want out of it, so much that I shut my own out last year, it's been over a year now and it's been great.  My hubby and friends are my new family, but I still long for that family of my own.  Meaning children of some sort.  I think I've mastered a good family of friends, and certainly of animals, but I think my family, meaning my siblings is a long-lost cause, one that I seriously have given up for my own sanity.  Although, I miss my mother dearly and if she were still alive I might be continue to please my big brother and big sisters incessantly and failing miserably or getting very terrible results.  So I am happy with my new version of family, but I know when I have one my own, it will be different, not perfect, but our little version of perfect.  I might blog what that might be like someday, or might not.

Anyway, so long.  For tonight that is.   Gotta plug in now! 

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