Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little less talk and a lot more action

Here's a photo of Steph at the Marshall Caves at Yankari National Park in Bauchi State, Nigeria.  We call this cave the bathroom because it stunk like urine.  These caves were man made and supposedly used as hideouts during the slave trade.

Here's Prof Charles, aka Charlie 'Indiana' Jones at the caves as well.  He's looking a bit surprised, although I kept saying "smile."

Here's Labaran and his daughterr Asmau.  She was a brat the entire trip.  Refused to say one darn word to me.  Labaran was not showing his better side either.  But it's a nice picture and show's the place. 

Enjoy.  If you ever get to Naija land I recommend coming to Yankari. 

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  1. Love your blogs. Keep it up. I lived in nigeria for 5 years and miss it dearly!