Monday, February 22, 2010

bad monday

I had a really bad day today.  Nothing like when the Prof was gone or the bad fuel situation to Yankari, but a bad day nonetheless.  I actually really had a technological day.  For example, I gave Labaran my camera with my memory card inside of it.  I had deleted some photos and left only what I needed printed on it to make it easier.  However, some how when I did this it seriously messed it up.  So it is no longer showing up on my camera or on my laptop.  Also, it's very expensive for a new one here and they could not find a new one for me!  Err!  The second thing that has occurred is that I bought all these DVD's of the book's we read in class and we started to watch them this morning in class.  We watched Anne Frank and Call of the Wild but we could not hear at all on these crappy $1200 US Dollar Dell laptops that are a complete rip off.  Anyway, so I sent Labaran out to buy speakers to hook up.  He bought the speakers and they weren't much better.  Also, I gave him money to buy another new DVD player now that ours is broken, the new one Banji bought me in just November!!! 

Anyway, I have been reading a new book, One Big Happy Family edited by Rebecca Walker and loving it.  I'm watching the boy in striped pajamas right now.  I am previewing it for class.  I watched most of it a few weeks ago but never finished it and want to make sure it's not inappropriate. 

The heat is a bit intense these days.  I'm not happy how much money I have been spending lately.  Anyway, life must go on.  I'm off to bed soon.  The Prof and Steph are out getting Banji's hairs buzzed off.  I sent her with him to experience Yola barbershops.  I think we are going to try another Shawarma place tomorrow.  Maybe Downtown, the new restaurant, which also claims to have Kentucky Chicken (I think it's Nigerians call fried chicken) as well.  Anyway, I'm going to go grab a pudding and hit the hay.  Night all.  I'll report more on how the shawarma goes tomorrow.

Oh and by the way, poor Lucky is sick.  Not a good story with that one either. 

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