Monday, February 8, 2010


So I live and work for American University of Nigeria.  Normally if someone said that, I would say, "hey you said that wrong" but no, I didn't.  I do work for AUN and I live in their faculty compounds.  So yes, I do.  Anyway, I was going to post a few pics from the student's scavenger hunt from a few Friday's ago, but couldn't in the end.  Oh well.  Here's a photo that Ro did take though.  The goal of the photo was to get the words Yola on it. 

Life is okay this week.  Got a little injured coming home from Quiz night on Sunday, fell up the steps, but life goes on.  Just a bit bruised and banged up.  Had no internet most of the day today until now.  Again, life goes on.  We start the Hobbit tomorrow and I'm doing a big no-no because I have never read the book yet.  Oh well, life goes on... 

Will post more pics later when internet flow is better.  All three of us living here are using it now since we did not have it much today.

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