Sunday, January 31, 2010

We all blow our tops sometimes

Today we went to 'Quiz Night' again which of course still needs a new name.  Anyway this week we had some new comers.  One of which I doubt will ever be coming again, in fact, he stated a few times that he wouldn't be, before he spilled his beer, said many curse words and left because he threw a hissy fit over getting a question wrong when he answered the question, "who wrote the Canterbury Tales?" and his answer was written Wm. Chaucer.  Well, it's not Wm. Chaucer.  The correct answer is:  Chaucer, G. Chaucer, Geoffrey Chaucer, etc.  But Wm. Chaucer.  He freaked out and threatened to never come back.  Two questions later the question was "Who wrote Babbitt?" and he shouted out that if everyone did not know the answer he would leave.  Well, firstly there were some 'children' in the room, most of the room is non-American, and still this is just for fun for social activity.  So, he did not even wait to hear the answer of Sinclair Lewis, which he had, and he stormed out of the house, but spilling his beer of course first, then ran off.  Within one minute he was back and we thought he had had a change of heart, well, no he had forgotten his bag and then stormed off. 

Anyway, never a dull moment around here in Yola or AUN.  Anyway, so I have written off this Prof for good now because he's said to me at least three times 'that I'm trying to hard' when I answer a question.  So whatever.  My mum-in-law is his boss and since I've met him I know that he won't last around her for long or my poppy-in-law either.  So whatever! 

Once again, everyone that does not need to be up early is in bed.  Oh, but on a good note, found both of the missing books.  The Red Pony by Steinbeck has been found as well as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by LeCarre has too!  Yay! 

We had quite the weekend.  Friday we went to Pizza night at the club, but as a prequel played 'keep away' and '500' in the pool with the boys, afterwards we headed to Fire Service for drinks, fish and chats.    Saturday, we shopped, saw Sir Sesugh do his comedian routine, and afterwards headed to Aisha.  Today, Sunday, we all slept in, Bushong took Kabiru swimming,  Lord Banji swam as well, and I worked and ate.  Afterwards we did the quiz night thang followed by Shawarma, then Keeping up with the Kardashians, a bath and now some blogging.

Good night all.  Once again another weekend has come and gone.  Until next weekend!

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