Monday, January 25, 2010

Sir Sesugh

Tonight we finished the RISK game in a miraculous two nights!  Seriously.  'Sir' Sesugh won, we did not play the full version, we are working our way up to that, but he won.  It was basically going to come down to me and him and he won!  No fair. 

Anyway, now I am up writing the last of my Call of the Wild exam, listening to most recent episode of This American Life, listening to Beowulf lick the floor, and thinking about this summer. 

I'm debating about a few things.  Do I travel out West and go visit Seattle for real, not just a driveby in a Greyhound on the way to Alaska, then take a ferry up to Juneau to show it to my hubby and eat Waffles at Southeast Alaska Waffle Company and visit Steph and Jill?  Do I go to the Memoir workshop with Rebecca Walker in Maui?  Do I take a class that I don't really need at Harvard since my class isn't offered this summer?  This is going to be a most likely thing to happen, but still.  There will be some overlap in these which causes some of the debate. 

Anyway, got a lot to ponder.  Also, I had a new New Year's Resolution earlier but I forgot it.  It had something to do with being positive but I cannot remember it.  I guess it wasn't good enough to be remembered or it doesn't matter all that much to me.  I keep hearing a loud roar of cheering right now, over This American Life in my ears (wearing headphones) which is quite loud itself.  I am assuming it's from the Egypt-Cameroun game that folks are watching at the Lamido Cinema across the street. 

Anyway, life is good.  I just might be to bed by midnight!  Got 45 minutes to finish this darn exam!  Come on Katya, write your vocabulary questions.  You can do it!  Chugga Chugga, you can do it!  If Thomas can, so can you!  It was Thomas the train right?

Anyway I leave you with this photo from where I lived on Eagle Beach in Juneau, Alaska, near the end of the road.  This is what I want to share with my hubby, the Prof this summer.  Yep, sometimes I have talent.  This is not one those times.  Alaska is just this gorgeous that you can't get a bad shot!

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