Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the Prof and the baby lion

Here is a photo of the Prof and a baby lion at a buffet restaurant just outside of Memphis/Cairo area.  The food was okay but it was interesting to be at a restaurant and someone just hanging out asking for money to pet a baby lion.  The owner kept kissing the lion and it just would purr like Lucky or Einstein but with a just a tad of a fright to it.  Very interesting.  This was one of many interesting and bizarre experiences in Egypt.  However, we both loved Egypt.  A LOT!  We would go back in a heart beat.  

Man, I'm beat.  It's day three in RISK night playing.  I was in the lead with the new game tonight, but Sir Sesugh is doing his darndest to kick my butt.  Errr.  Not happy at all!  If I am just one thing, it is competitive with a Capital C.

By the way, I thought of my other NYR, it was KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT!  I am going to only be talking to those in the inner Katya sanctum about certain matters.  This will be difficult.  But I seem to be having success in the area of keeping my distance and putting up boundaries, which I have not been so good at before.  So, I think I can keep on working at it.

Oh and by the way, I attempted to eat my Captain Crunch for breakie breakie this morning, but darn it to hell, the milk went bad in the meantime.  Darn it, Darn it, Darn it! 

Tomorrow Steph and Labaran are off to the lumber yard and other stores to attempt shelf building.  We'll take pictures in advance to show you the chaos in advance.  Let's hope organization takes shape!


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