Monday, January 25, 2010

life during school times

Today I taught about the Songhai Empire and about the Green Revolution.  However, I did not talk about the Green Revolution in the same light that the book did.  The book in most cases is quite good.  But I consider myself part of the Vandana Shiva good those ecofeminists, damn them!  Anyway, so I had Bryan read a recent article by her and watch part of the film One Water.  This is the part of teaching I just love.  The power was going up and down all day.  Which is actually unusual in this dorm I work in.  Which made it a bit of a hassle to teach with power points which is what I've been doing this semester which has taken a load of my back, the students seem to enjoy it and it seems to be less stressful for me as well.  Although, not necessarily the most environmentally friendly thing to be doing. 

I'm looking forward to Risk part two tonight.  Hoping that the falafel doesn't flop.  Also, hoping I get to sleep before midnight tonight.  We shall see. 

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