Sunday, January 24, 2010


I read a decent number of books while on holiday in Egypt.  Well, I read two.  They were both previews for school, but I read them nonetheless. 

First, I read the Call of the Wild by Jack London which we just finished on Friday in school.  This book is available on Project Gutenberg which I love because we are in Nigeria and don't really have access to many books here other than our wonderful AUN library.  I enjoyed the book, even though it was quite depressing since I've both lived in Alaska and have a dog who is like my child.  It was fun teaching it because I've seen many of the places in the book and could share and reflect on this with my students.

Secondly, I read the Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.  I finished it while in Sharm el-Sheikh and found it kind of disturbing and depressing, especially when you take it into context of modern day life situations like the Nigerian kid who tried to blow up the plane is just like another Holden Caulfield.  This one we will not be reading.  Also, the reading I did about Salinger disturbed me. 

Currently, I am reading Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John Le Carre.  I'm about 100 pages in and so far so good.  I'm a fan of John Le Carre so I know I will like it, plus, it's a trilogy and I love books that never end. 

We bought a ton of books while we were in Egypt, especially thanks to Diwan bookshop.  Anyway, I've been thinking of re-reading some books that touched me and I found a new Nigerian author as well that I plan on having my students read. 

So I plan on re-reading Baby Love by Rebecca Walker which I read in like a day a couple of August's ago.  However, I highly recommend reading Black White and Jewish by Rebecca as well.  The reason I want to read BL again is because I constantly have this battle of when to start a family and why.  I remember reading that and it raised some unique questions and thoughts in my mind when I read it, so I shall again, but I'll have to have the Prof by me a copy in the states because I gave mine to a friend long ago and she probably lent it out to someone else and that person to someone else, as books should be.  So the Prof will have to procure one for me in February in DC. 

The other book and author that I haven't read the book yet but have been intrigued by her blog is Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich.  Her book is called 8th Grade Super Zero.  You can read her blog on the blogroll to the right. 

Anyway, we are about to begin reading the Diary of Anne Frank this week as well.  Grade 7 will be reading the actual diary and Grades 8 and 9 will be reading the play.  This shall be interesting and of  course depressing.  Why aren't there more happy and upbeat books out there?  Tell me why?

What books are you reading and what do you recommend?

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