Monday, November 23, 2009

talking turkey

So I've been sick lately.  I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.  So I'm declaring myself better.  A changing of state of mind can assist, right?  I'm hoping so.  So once again, we have a kinda sorta busy week ahead.  So the plans for Thanksgiving and Sallah (Eid al Adha), yes another double holiday week, again, just like little eid and Yom Kippur, anyway, the plans are as follows:

Tuesday:  Teach and Shop for food for the weekend
Wednesday:  Teach and have Labaran prep food for Thanksgiving and my petit Beat Poet night at Kim's
Thursday:  Day off, Thanksgiving, prep food for Saturday Thanksgiving and attend Eastern European version of Thanksgiving which ruined our Thanksgiving Day (uggh, tell you more in a minute).
Friday:  Rajes' Birthday, he turns 13, also petit beat poet night with Kim
Saturday:  Thanksgiving Dinner at 6pm at Rani's (I'm making a ton of food, yum!)
Sunday:  Quiz Night at Martha's 3pm, I'm the moderator

So Rani and I have been planning Thanksgiving at her house for some time now.  However, as of last Friday we received an e-mail inviting us all to a Thanksgiving party at the same time at the neighbor's yard.  Seriously, so his parties are ragers that are loud and go on till the wee hours of the morning.  We were planning a nice family type gathering for Thanksgiving.  Now we have to change the date because his stupid party because we are inviting all the same people but chose not to invite them yet due to we didn't want word to spread because we wanted to keep it to about 25 people.  Uggh and we cannot have it Friday because it is both Rajes' bday and it's Sallah.  Also, we have a conflict on Saturday due to Sesugh's comedy show at 7pm but we are still doing the party. 

Anyway, that's enough turkey talk for one day.  Oh, by the way, it looks like we got our Egypt visas!  Hooray!

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