Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my other boyfriend

So lately things have been a little crazy.  I think I start off saying that a lot on this, but it's true.  However, today's story is the icing on the cake.  Today the Prof went to lunch with some other Prof's and a Doctor friend of our's at the university's cafeteria.  So the Doctor (happens to be the school's psychologist) was talking about how one of the student's went to the local hospital's psych ward because he was running around naked on campus throwing stones at people.  Anyway, when he told me this I just couldn't believe it.  Anyway, so when we were discussing this another Professor friend, Dr. Kalifornia said, "hey, I had a student who was taking a bath in a mud puddle today!"  So we put one and one together and got two and realized it was the same student because her mud puddle boy got taken to the psych ward too!  Seriously.  What are the odds, really?  We have 1000 students here at AUN.  So I guess 1 in 1000 are the odds.  Anyway, so we start talking  more about this 'kid' and his behavior in Dr. Kalifornia's class.  Anyway, at some point she's says his first name and I say, "crazy kid last name same as mine, from Offa, went to AU in the states, has a drug problem, crazy kid same last name as me crazy kid?"  We both burst out laughing realizing I know this crazy naked boy running around campus taking mud baths and throwing stones at people.  This is the one and very same crazy kid who happened to hit on me not once, but twice in one month forgetting he had met me and hit on me once before because he was so high outta his mind the first time.  The second time he 'introduced' himself to me we realized he's related to my hubby the Prof.  Craziness.  Since then, Labaran and I have referred to him as my 'other' boyfriend as a joke.  Just three days ago I saw him walking past me and the Prof and pointed him out for the first time to him and he laughed and smiled and said "hmmm, interesting."  Anyway, so that's how we roll around here.  Never a dull moment.  Never. 

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