Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where I like to shop

Since I live in Nigeria, shopping is very different than what it used to be in Alaska and very different than what shopping used to be in Minnesota.  However, one thing remains the same throughout them all, I still love online shopping.  Granted now I do not have it delivered to my home because it's either impossible or way too expensive.  However, I'm going to begin with my favorite stores online.

Old Navy
I love Old Navy for their prices and because I can get all the essentials for my couture.

I love shopping in Patagonia stores and online.  I love their dresses, their capilene products, their swimming trunks, and the Prof loves their t-shirts.  We own a lot of Patagonia couture.  I think people in Nigeria must think it's a common place to shop, however, we are part of the Patagoniac clan.

I love love Anthropologie for all their one of a kind dresses and tops.  This is one store I love going into as well, it's beauty is terrific and invigorating.

Keen Shoes
The Prof and I own nine pairs of Keen's collectively.  We just love them.  They are amazing shoes to have in warm climates.  We've been wearing them for years now, our friend Adam turned us onto them.  Thanks, Adam!

I love so much.  I buy most of my books, dvd's, kindle, sporting stuff, games, etc here.  Amazon is a great friend of mine. 

Who doesn't love Target?  They even have an Amazon log in now.  You can buy everything but a kitchen sink at Target Boutique!

At some point I will list all my favorite places to shop here in Yola.  But I think I should get photos first!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my other boyfriend

So lately things have been a little crazy.  I think I start off saying that a lot on this, but it's true.  However, today's story is the icing on the cake.  Today the Prof went to lunch with some other Prof's and a Doctor friend of our's at the university's cafeteria.  So the Doctor (happens to be the school's psychologist) was talking about how one of the student's went to the local hospital's psych ward because he was running around naked on campus throwing stones at people.  Anyway, when he told me this I just couldn't believe it.  Anyway, so when we were discussing this another Professor friend, Dr. Kalifornia said, "hey, I had a student who was taking a bath in a mud puddle today!"  So we put one and one together and got two and realized it was the same student because her mud puddle boy got taken to the psych ward too!  Seriously.  What are the odds, really?  We have 1000 students here at AUN.  So I guess 1 in 1000 are the odds.  Anyway, so we start talking  more about this 'kid' and his behavior in Dr. Kalifornia's class.  Anyway, at some point she's says his first name and I say, "crazy kid last name same as mine, from Offa, went to AU in the states, has a drug problem, crazy kid same last name as me crazy kid?"  We both burst out laughing realizing I know this crazy naked boy running around campus taking mud baths and throwing stones at people.  This is the one and very same crazy kid who happened to hit on me not once, but twice in one month forgetting he had met me and hit on me once before because he was so high outta his mind the first time.  The second time he 'introduced' himself to me we realized he's related to my hubby the Prof.  Craziness.  Since then, Labaran and I have referred to him as my 'other' boyfriend as a joke.  Just three days ago I saw him walking past me and the Prof and pointed him out for the first time to him and he laughed and smiled and said "hmmm, interesting."  Anyway, so that's how we roll around here.  Never a dull moment.  Never. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

talking turkey

So I've been sick lately.  I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.  So I'm declaring myself better.  A changing of state of mind can assist, right?  I'm hoping so.  So once again, we have a kinda sorta busy week ahead.  So the plans for Thanksgiving and Sallah (Eid al Adha), yes another double holiday week, again, just like little eid and Yom Kippur, anyway, the plans are as follows:

Tuesday:  Teach and Shop for food for the weekend
Wednesday:  Teach and have Labaran prep food for Thanksgiving and my petit Beat Poet night at Kim's
Thursday:  Day off, Thanksgiving, prep food for Saturday Thanksgiving and attend Eastern European version of Thanksgiving which ruined our Thanksgiving Day (uggh, tell you more in a minute).
Friday:  Rajes' Birthday, he turns 13, also petit beat poet night with Kim
Saturday:  Thanksgiving Dinner at 6pm at Rani's (I'm making a ton of food, yum!)
Sunday:  Quiz Night at Martha's 3pm, I'm the moderator

So Rani and I have been planning Thanksgiving at her house for some time now.  However, as of last Friday we received an e-mail inviting us all to a Thanksgiving party at the same time at the neighbor's yard.  Seriously, so his parties are ragers that are loud and go on till the wee hours of the morning.  We were planning a nice family type gathering for Thanksgiving.  Now we have to change the date because his stupid party because we are inviting all the same people but chose not to invite them yet due to we didn't want word to spread because we wanted to keep it to about 25 people.  Uggh and we cannot have it Friday because it is both Rajes' bday and it's Sallah.  Also, we have a conflict on Saturday due to Sesugh's comedy show at 7pm but we are still doing the party. 

Anyway, that's enough turkey talk for one day.  Oh, by the way, it looks like we got our Egypt visas!  Hooray!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Latitude 9

Life in latitude 9 has been up and down lately.  The party came and went.  It was a blast for the attendees.  Unfortunately for me, I had to run the show so I wouldn't say I had a 'great' time but it did go rather well.  There's many things I will do different next time.  A list on another post will be just for that.  What not to do at a party in Yola!

Last week Typhoid took me down.  I had a fever for two days of 104 F.  My body was killing me to the point that I was wailing and crying.  I've never really been concerned about my health here before this last bout.  It definitely had me freaked a bit.

This week, I'm back to work and I got good news today.  My parent from H E double Hockey sticks pulled his kids out so I'm down two classes!  Woohoo!  Seriously good news.  Seriously.  Anyway, just trying to get this winter break put together so I don't have to worry about that.  Hopefully by tonight or tommorrow we'll know if we can go to Egypt or if we have to do a immigration thang in DC.  I'm not really leaning towards either one.  All I care is that I get a good time away from Yola with my hubby that is fun, relaxing and romantic.  Any opinions?  I know there are some out there.  I know if we go to Egypt we'll disappoint some and if we go to the states we'll disappoint others.  C'est la vie.

Anyway, the Prof is grading on Moodle tonight at his office, since we don't have internet.  I have to bring him some food so he can continue.  Then I'm driving home to run and get a few things at Luka and Yakubu, then it's ONE TREE HILL on the tv!  Sesugh will kill me if he reads this.  I am up to Season 4 now.  Yes, I have a problem.  That problem is that I cannot finish the show fast enough.  I'm really trying to get my hands on Mad Men. 

Anyway, good night.  Until next time.  That's the news from Latitude 9.