Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oldies but goodies

This is an old picture from mid February when I went to Malam Hassan's marriage. I am holding Fadimatu, Labaran's little girl. She did not want to leave Mommy Kate's side that night. Ironically, I did not go to this wedding wearing this outfit, my skirt tore and Amina lent me something else to wear.

This is a photo of a 'kuka' tree, otherwise known as a baobab tree. This photo was taken at Sukur World Heritage site north of Yola by the Prof this past July. Kuka are my favorite trees here for many reasons. One, they are great trees to prevent erosion, some of the strongest water retainers of all trees, they don't have rings to tell age, which I find awesome. This tree could easily be over one thousand years old. The fruit have the highest amount of vitamin C and vitamin and A and D out of all fruit!

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