Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some scenery from Nigeria

This tree is in Yankari National Park. We took this photo while on a safari and were attempting to find a 'shea' tree. I still don't know what one looks like, if we have them around here or not as well. Do you know? Send me an e-mail.

The view in Adamawa on your way to Gombe or pretty much anywhere out of Adamawa. It's so empty and beautiful. The road is horrendous but the views are spectacular.

This is the river Benue in Jimeta and this photo was taken by Nicole while she was here in April. She wanted a snap of the bundles. I love the photo. You can see some of the boats behind.

A Nigerian path in Sukur. This photo was taken by the Prof in July at Sukur UNESCO World Heritage site. I love how it makes you wonder where it leads...

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