Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not my most typical fall

Sannu! I know it's been forever since I last blogged. I wasn't able to log in for over a month because I couldn't get into gmail and therefore, not accessible to blogger. Ughh! I thought I might have to start a new blog, but no, gmail finally began to work again.

I'm back in good old Nigeria and have started working again. I'm teaching secondary school at the American University Charter School. I am teaching 7-11 Language Arts, which includes: grammar, journaling, writing, literature, reading skills and more, also 7-11 social studies which breaks down like this: 7th grade World Cultures, 8/9th grade World History, 10/11 African History. Overall, I really love my job. I love teaching the kids and learning or re-learning things. I'm reading books I've never read before like Treasure Island. Can you believe it? Anyway, dealing with a new job, parents who are all professors, and working with my father-in-law as my boss have all but a bit challenging, but I am still here.

Currently, I'm going through round two of typhoid. It's not so pleasant. I don't know if it's worse this time or if it was worse in February. But typhoid is typhoid and again, I'm still here.

There are lots of new professors around now and they are a great new crew. It makes me really happy to be in Yola because I met them. I've been taking them on little trips here and there and it's forced me to go and see new places. We've now been to two new 'bush' bars called "Aisha" and the other "Silver." I prefer Aisha for two reasons, one it's way closer to the house and two, no AUN students!

I've been swimming more recently, but other than that tennis has been my only form of exercise. I've totally fallen of the exercise wagon and until this typhoid is gone can't really get back on. Which I am not totally happy about.

We are planning our Egypt trip for winter break. We'll be gone for about three and a half weeks! woohoo!

Anyway, I am in the middle of planning my big birthday bash which will be on Halloween. I'm going to have a live band, a dj, we're going to roast two lambs on the spit, there will be a fortune teller and two acrobats! Plus, it's a costume party!

More updates to come.

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