Thursday, October 8, 2009

lightning strikes

Nigerian Independence Day Durbar

Did not get good pictures because my camera hates sunset, I know, seriously, come on! Also, the guys and their horses bowed down to Madame Kate and therefore I bowed to them and then did not get to take good pics!

This is a picture of Prof Charles and Victor, my student on their way up to the falls in Yadin, Adamawa, Nigeria.

Tonight there's a lot of lightning. I'm sitting in my bed listening to "the moth" podcast and watching the lightning which just might be the last of it of the year, which is sad. Here in Nigeria, in particular in Yola we have two seasons. One, the rainy stormy season which goes from late April to early October. Two, the dry hot harmattan season which goes from mid October till mid April. So we are approaching the dry hot harmattan season again, our first full one to be exact. We were here in Yola during most of the summer, which is unusual, but I loved the storms, although I was so bored, restless, and extremely stir crazy. Anyway, needless to say I will miss the storms, the rain, and the excitement and drama that tv and books just do not provide.

Life is okay right now, even though I have typhoid. School and I are finding a delicate balance which is nice. I'm starting belly dance classes that are taught by my friend. I'm going more for support than for the dancing, which I already know how to do, but don't really enjoy. This is going to be the beginning of my new workout regime that I am going to begin. My previous one got blown to bits after we didn't go on our UK trip and the biking along Hadrian's wall. So, I'm going to do it again so I can get into shape and prepare for whatever we happened to do in Egypt.

Egypt. I have never looked forward so much to a vacation before. Man, I cannot wait. Also, one for sure and possibly two girlfriends might visit in Spring, aka Januaryish. I cannot wait for this either. I miss having friends my age and who I have things in common with.

Been kinda addicted to Miles Davis and David 'Dave' Brubeck lately and am so sad that I am missing David Brubeck perform in Mpls, ugghhh... Anyway, I actually had my perfect Yola party a week after Sallah. Been having lots of dinner parties, lots of lamb, that I slaughtered myself, yeppers, been going to night clubs and dancing a lot and learning to know how to play new card games. Also got myself some new friends and some are above.

That's all for now.

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