Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The students have been busy-busy this week. Book reports due, short stories due for the children's literature workshop on Friday, country reports due on Friday as well, plus those good old Ms. Kate exams, one of which had a 100 questions this week.
Anyway, I wanted to post a little note about how you can help the students I work with or the Karatu foundation here in Yola as well. Karatu in Hausa means "learn" or "read." Both my middle and high school students have little to no books here to read. We need books. I have been printing off books from Project Gutenberg which I love and is great, but they are all so old. Please help! If you have any books that you wish to donate, books that you've read and will never use again that are appropriate, or see something cheap at a yard sale or garage sale or used bookstore, please please please donate it to us or to Karatu.
Karatu is a library that was started by Ms. Martha Speirs, the AUN Librarian. Karatu has set up small libraries in local village schools to get kids reading in Nigeria. There is no such thing as a library here other than at Universities. There are two ways to send them to us.

One. Mail them directly to me in Nigeria.

American University of Nigeria
care of Kate Hallet
Lamido Zubairu Way
Yola Township by-pass
PMB 2250, Yola
Adamawa State

Two. Mail them to Jasmine at our DC office and they will ship it to us.

American University of Nigeria, Washington Office
care of Kate Hallet
3201 New Mexico Avenue NW, Suite 258
Washington, D.C. 20016

Time to go eat lunch, print out that killer exam and teach more classes! By the way, these are amazing kids who love to read. It will be appreciated. We'll even send you a thank you card.



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