Thursday, October 15, 2009

the cat was calling me

Last night at around 2:13am I woke up. Not because we had no power, but because I heard what I thought was Lucky making a screeching yowl. So I searched for my cell phone and turned on the flashlight part, hence no electricity at our house from 2-4am. Then I went searching for the kitties. So first I found Lucky but then the screeching continued so I started to freak out but I had to go to the bathroom so I made a beeline for the bathroom. After that I went to tell the Prof and go to where I could really hear the yowling and realized that Einstein was dead asleep with the Prof. Anyway, so both cats were found and still no luck on figuring out where the hollering was coming from. I am pretty sure a kitty got onto the roof, crawled into a hole and is not stuck between our ceiling and the roof. In all likelihood it's one of Lucky's siblings since he came from outside of our house. So now we have the possibility of a cat dying in our ceiling. This is how we ended up with Lucky. He was dying under our trash can outside. Now, I have a cat that has crawled into the ceiling. This piebald cat orphanage has to quit, seriously. Thank god Basil wants a kitty. He might just get this one if we find it alive!

I'd post pics of the animals from last night but cannot find the adapter anywhere in my office.


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