Tuesday, October 27, 2009

all that jazz

Written at 11:14am
106 Degrees Fahrernheit
(Yep, that hot!)

Today is day two of midterms here in Yola for the AUN Charter School.  All tests have been written in both ways.  I have written and delivered them all to the students now.  We have one more day left, however, I have no more remaining!  Yay!  Now I just have to grade them and other assignments.  Boo!

So I have been busy today making papier mache pumpkins for the party.  It's not going as well as I'd like.  I, of course, should have been doing this a week ago.  Got lots to do.  I have to make a ton of caramel corn, literally, I have got to do a ton of shopping still.  We still have not gotten paid which makes me incredibly nervous because I have to buy the two lambs for Saturday and pay a ton of people.  Errgh!  My life is filled with little errands like going to the bank, changing money, searching for faro water, buying fabric, meeting the tailor, buying chicken, getting gas for the car, etc, etc.  Does the monotony of running errands ever end?  I don't think so.  Or at least not for me.  I am in serious need of having to have a heart to heart with myself to learn the art of saying "NO" or "enough is enough."  I am terrible at doing it for myself or others.  But I must because I am always running, running, running, somewhere, full steam ahead but I never actually achieve that big goal ahead of me.  It's like I'm running full steam ahead but going sideways.  This has got to change.  So this is my party which will be the catalyst to change.  I'm learning to delegate and to expect less.  Less is okay.  It's what happens when life gets in the way anyway.  I am not perfect and every moment of my day and life will certainly never be.  For example, today when the parent came barging into our office and instead of enjoying doing papier mache with my students we had to listen to a bitchfest, aka bitch slap to our faces, by said Parent.  It sucked.  But it's life and I need to learn to except that life is always flowing and changing and that I must expect and accept less than perfect.

Anyway, I will take photos tomorrow of paper mache making when I get the camera back from the Prof.

I am thinking of going on a Spring break from Nigeria trip.  Any advice as to where to go?  Should I go to the Juneau folk fest?  Should I go somewhere else?  London?  Paris?  Prague?  San Francisco for a workshop?  What do you think?  Advice...

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