Thursday, August 13, 2009

trip from hell

So, I failed to update the blog for a while. I know, I know, not unusual. Well, there are many, many reasons why. First, a power line on top of our flat in Yola came tumbling down (damn nepa) and hit the mast for the internet signal which burnt all the ethernet jacks and anything attached to them, most importantly the server I was using, worth many thousands of dollars. ughhh. Second, the Prof got denied his UK visa. Yep, I know, I know. Can't believe it either. So we came to the only place left, the states. At first, it started out to be a wonderful vacay. We started off in Cambridge, Mass staying at the lovely Sheraton Commander and now are in DC.

Anyway, back to Boston and Cambridge. The weather was hot, even after living in Yola. We both have fallen in love with Cambridge and are both wondering if we totally misjudged Boston last time we were there. Anyway, we are thinking of maybe spending next summer there. On Sunday we took the train down to DC for the Prof's Monday morning visa appointment for the Netherlands. Eight long hours later we arrived at good old Union Station and ran to the Chromy's to an even hotter DC/Silver Spring.

Anyway, I have been very sore lately, sore joints and bones, it's been happening for a while now, six months or so. So our long walk to the Netherlands Embassy was a long hot one for me. We got there to find out that since our vacay is more than three months out, he can't apply. So all the work for nothing, plus, we came to DC just for this. Ughhh.

From there we headed to lunch at an okay Thai place in Tenleytown called "Neisha." After that we hailed a cab and headed to AUN's DC office to pick up my new kindle among other goodies from Patagonia and visit with Jasmine. After a long good talk, we headed back to Silver Spring. Anyway, it's a few days later and lot has happened. We are staying at a pretty decent hotel in Dupont Circle, Carlyle Suites. But yesterday the atm ate my credit card that took me like 7 months to get, the one that we were going to have upped the limit since the Prof's hasn't shown up yet, and PNC destroyed it, which ultimately has destroyed our travel plans. No credit card, no car rental, hotel rental, etc. Now my prepaid card isn't working either. The good news is we are able to get in touch with our bank finally, first time all week, but it's sporadic. I tried changing our flight to earlier, but that isn't possible either, not even for a fee. I don't know if we just aren't supposed to travel to DC or if we aren't supposed to come to the states, or travel at all.

This whole summer has just devastated me.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

spider bite

So yesterday I got a spider bite. It really itches and the colour of it bothers me a bit. But for now I will just watch it and see what happens.

So Banji leaves for the day tomorrow to fly to Abuja and pick up his passport at the outsourced British visa processing centre, hopefully with a bright and shiny UK visa in it. If this happens he'll be back later in the evening on the plane and we'll buy tickets to London on Emirates airline. I'm getting excited as the date approaches but oh so nervous at the same time. Nothing ever seems to go the way it's supposed to here. So I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm not normally so pessimistic but lately nothing seems to go as planned or right. Anyway, got a place to stay while we are there as well, so things are definitely looking up.

The Prof is happy to be finished with a grueling summer schedule of four classes in 10 weeks and is relieved to be able to leave Nigeria. His summer holiday plans are to sleep and download PDF's. Yep, that sounds like the Prof alright.

As for the issues with Boko Haram around here, we aren't seeing anything happen. However, there is a slight military presence about, which I find comforting. Anyway, there are crazies everywhere I just hope they don't come here.

Farewell and good night. Mu kwana lafiya.