Friday, July 17, 2009


A lot has been happening here lately, even though I am not working. Currently, Banji's friend Amin is visiting from Minnesota. The cat count is up to three. We have Beep Beep, Cous Cous, Einstein, No leg that we've had since April when Nicole was here. We have Oliver since May, who's originally Janette's cat. Then now, we have Lucky Rago, for a couple of weeks. Three pie bald kittens from the streets of Yola and Jimeta. The monkeys are up to three. Audrey and Jack had a baby girl. Soon I hope to post pics. Beowulf is still the only dog in our life, thank god. So a lot is going on in our tiny household. We've painted the walls, built shelves and other things, and put all the art up.

Our trip to Italy has been canceled. :-( Banji's Italian visa appointment was slated for September 18th, when we were hoping to arrive somewhere around the 6th of August. So that didn't work out. So now, UK it is. Which has led to me scramble to plan a trip beyond London and Brighton. So my friend Jill, who's blog is posted here, who happens to have a book about her story of her life which leads to her current obsession of endurance biking. Anyway, I just happened to finish Jill's book and now we have decided to do a little more than a century tour from coast to coast in England along Hadrian's wall. It's about 117 miles, it's not the type of century you do typically in a day, we are doin g over many days, taking our time and relaxing and staying in B&B's along the way. So I've begun training in the gym. Not getting too far. This bike tour is going to kick my ass, but c'est la vie. I'll be in shape by the end! lol.

Life at AUN is stressing me out, making me down, having a houseguest who's very different from me is doing the same. I'm in dire need of a holiday and some good friends, martinis and chocolate.

Sai an jima.

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