Thursday, May 28, 2009

let me go home

So I've been in the states a while now and haven't written much on this blog about it. I came home to renew my visa and to shop. Unfortunately, many things happened while I was in the states which led me be frustrated and to stay much longer than expected...

They upped the price half way through the visa process, and decided that I would have to start from the beginning, forcing me to pay the expedition fee. The bastards. I hate shopping. I prefer to look online, go to the store, find out what fits and go back home and order online. I did this but I had multiply problems. One, some stores would decline my credit card since it's International a few times, then third try it would work and be shipped late, so then I wouldn't receive it on time. I played this game many times. Or I just couldn't buy it all. So I either was forced to be on the phone for hours taking care of this mess, which I hate the phone almost as much as going to the store. I had to go to the store carrying around all these heavy bags of stuff "kaya" and drag them around MN, ME and DC. I've been lugging around like 200 lbs of luggage since I go here and continue too. Anyway, so I've had non stop back pain.

I just want to go home to Yola. People who live in Nigeria think I'm crazy for loving it there. Well, whatever I just do. My family is there in more than one way. I miss them all like crazy. I miss Banji, I miss Beowulf, I miss Einstein Beep Beep Cous Cous, I miss Labaran and Amina and the kids. I miss my bed. I miss the club. I miss the heat. I miss my car. I just wanna go home. Let me go home. Like the beach boys said, "i feel so broke up, i wanna go home."

Sai an jima.

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