Sunday, April 26, 2009

let the rain fall...

I know I haven't written much on this blog since we arrived in mid January. I'd try and fill you in but I'd never succeed. So I am going to move forward and hopefully some of the blanks will be filled in - in time.

We live in Jimeta and work in Yola, in Adamawa State, in Northern Nigeria. Banji is a Professor at American University of Nigeria and currently I am a housewife. I was working in University Relations and technically I guess I still am, but am on a hiatus. More about work later, probably another post. Here's a link to the Universities website:

Recently, our dog Beowulf joined us, thanks to our great friend Nicole who helped transport him here from Minnesota. We also have a new kitty, who is unnamed, but is referred to as "beep beep" and "cous-cous." Yola is very hot and dry. It's pretty rural for a city.

The heat has been getting to me. I do a lot of errand running and when you are out and about all day long in 100 plus temperatures and sometimes it reaches as far as 130 lately!!!! It can be very taxxing. Lately, I've been spending most of my days preparing to come to the states and getting things ready. Getting all my documents in order, getting presents for folks back home made or prepared, getting the cat and dog ready to be taken care of, and my husband of course as well. I've been preparing a trip for Banji to take while I am away. Banji has a morning class and a night class every day of the week right now. So he spends most of every day in his office from around 7:30am till 9pm at night. Yes, it's insane. It's not too good of a schedule for a marriage, let me tell you.

We are living in Jimeta, in one of the compounds and we have a two bedroom apartment. Life is very different here than from states. We have intermittent power, most of it is from a generator. We sometimes have no water. The internet is always going down, as is the phone network. Life is extremely different. Driving is a trip in itself. There are no road laws here.
The rainy season is coming and I am looking forward to it. Will let you all know more details as time and internet permits.



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